We simplify

your AML check

We simplify

your AML check

Pep list or Assets freezing, filter in one click

Meet your obligations simply, directly and with the best tools and data, 👉 optimize your AML KYC processes

Now solutions
experts for every need

pep list

Freezing lists and sanctions,

very enhanced vigilance

A single watchword: obligation of results! International sanctions lists, asset freeze list, NCST list and OFAC are all public.
We take them and optimize their presentation to maximize the efficiency of the filtering. But not only that, we also check the texts, to be sure and certain. As often the key is data!

freeze list and sanctions
peps list

National Pep list, we produce

our own data !

And that makes all the difference! The most accurate and reliable list on the national perimeter. If we’re going to be at home, we might as well do it right! We work hard every day, and this way, we can justify any politically exposed person added to our list and tell you why and how a piece of information is included in our list.

This way you are ultra efficient on almost all your portfolio, and for your non nationals, we suggest you check on an international list … selected by us!

Optional international Pep list ... why ?

Because it’s more expensive! Your portfolios are mainly made up of national residents, what need is there to filter them on international lists?

With Efficiale you use these lists in a very targeted way, by filtering only your foreigners or your non-national residents, you reduce your costs, not your efficiency!

If your business is very international … perfect, our solution is ultra simple, very complete, very efficient and covers all the world’s Peps.

International PPE list

A super intuitive UIUX verification portal

But who says you have to have a complex management system? The regulations require verification, so it might as well be seamless.
We take our inspiration from the latest UIUX developments usually aimed at the best mobile applications.

3 steps to filter my file

If you want to filter your database in the form of a file, it’s very simple, you load your data according to our template and … that’s it! Your data comes back to you completed and qualified. Depending on the option you choose, we keep the audit trails for you or you manage this internally and we do not keep any data.


Step 1

We set up together
your file


Step 2

We connect you to
our IS


Step 3

Filter all the files
that you want

Our API easily connectable to your IT

We’ve developed a super simple and connectable API, and above all very efficient. Connect your info system and filter in real time or in bulk, everything is explained.

You’ll find all the information you need in our documentation, and if you have any question, call us, we’ll help you!


Whatever your sector of activity

AML regulations are impacting more and more sectors and the list of “regulated persons” is growing steadily . If you are reading this, you are probably one of them :). What we can say is that, whatever your sector, we are often asked the same question: how to make it simple and effective?

gestion fi

Benefit from our expertise

And what the heck … you could say that by now we’ve become experts. On the regulations of course, but also on the processes and the implementation of AML devices.

We often talk to our clients and many of them have the same problems, whatever their sector of activity, so when we can, we share our experience.

vielle regelementaire

We also take care of regulatory watch

… So that you are up to date and aware of your obligations and current or future developments. It completes your own monitoring, not bad to be several on this subject.

Use according to your size and your needs

With us all prices are on a flat rate basis. Whether you need to do spot checks or filter your entire database and that … every day!

Portail only



Access our portal and check in one click

Access our lists of sanctions, freezes, Ppe and beneficial owners ... unlimited

Filter engine included

Archiving of your results

According to your needs

International PPE

API Direct

Connect to us

rate per call

Clear and detailed documentation, immediately operational

Connect and leverage our API for real-time filtering

Alert system

Audit trail

According to your needs

The international PPE

Full Access

Let's talk about it

need to manage

Our complete lists at each update

Easy and optimized integration

Audit trail, data set, justify everything at all times

Audit trail, data set, justify everything at all times

According to your needs

The international PPE