Asset freezing screening, international sanctions and OFAC, we bring you value

Asset freezing screening, international sanctions 

and OFAC, we bring you value

We analyse the lists, their structure and presentation, the way they are updated… All the lists are public and official, yes … but to use them properly you need to know them well!

They are almost all presented in the form of rather complex files, sometimes APIs, all structured differently, not so easy to do it yourself … If you want to check, we put you the links of the main lists in our aml solution.

We follow each update, and reread the text when there is one. This way, we minimise transcription errors and respect the regulations (“only the texts are authentic”).

And above all, we consolidate the regulatory lists into a single optimised file so that your screening tools offer maximum performance and quality for your asset freezing screening.

We also integrate the national list of EU countries that have one (not only France …).

… And finally, we provide all our clients with a complete and updated list of NCSTs

asset freezing screening

... we make your identifications more reliable 

and easier