Peps list, national and international,

focusing on the essentials

Peps list, national and international,

focusing on the essentials

peps list

Is your portfolio of customers, members or shareholders mostly domestic residents? Filter them on our national Peps database.

This Peps list, we know it very well since we produce it ourselves! We use all possible public sources and all the websites of the concerned organizations (and there are some …) and of course our secret recipe to give you the most accurate, most complete and most updated list …

… with two important points to note:

  • The transposition of the 5th Directive that requires EU member states to clarify the definition of a politically exposed person. This means that the importance of being complete on the national perimeter is reinforced … each country thus determines for itself the functions that precisely meet the concept of national Pep.
  • “Relatives” (family and business contacts) meet the Pep definition, not always easy to find … Why is that? Apart from the most high-profile people, it is difficult to say who the family members of an ambassador or a member of parliament are. Moreover, how can we reliably update information that is not readily available and therefore often incomplete? With good sourcing … and by focusing on the essentials! So think about it, your actions and processes (beneficial owners, membership questionnaires, database processing) will also allow you to address and complete this notion of “relative” as well as possible. 

With us, all our information is public and official. We can tell you where it came from and why we’re including it in our list, and you know exactly what you’re using.

International Peps lists, which have long been accessible to large institutions are starting to become more democratic. But it remains expensive to use, especially if you want to perfectly meet the regulations, i.e. filter your portfolios and client bases very very regularly (permanently in fact!)

Our proposal is simple, filter only your non-nationals and non-residents on these lists. Save yourself the hundreds of unnecessary alerts that come with it. You will reduce your costs considerably without any loss of efficiency!

And not all international lists on the market are equal… This is not really the type of product that one would call “standardised”. So we put all our expertise into it, we carefully selected (and we know what we’re talking about…) our sources and our partners to bring you the best quality data at the most reasonable costs.

Test it on our portal, you will be surprised … it is really stronglike our prices!

International Peps, for my non-residents and foreigners, what do I do?

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... We respond concretely and size to your needs